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Trufkin Athletics

You're ready to look and feel great again, and you've come to the right place...

Academic Achievements
  • 18 years of Clinical Experience

  • B.A. in Psychology - University of California, Irvine 

  •  3.7GPA

  • Latin Honors Gold Cord Recipient

  • Academic Presidential Award

  • Golden Key International Academic Honor Receipient

  • The National Honor in Psychology Academic Receipient

  • Certified Nutritionist - National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Certified in Postural Correction and Injury Prevention - CHEK Institute

  • Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach - CHEK Institute

  • Author

  • Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide

  • Laws of Aesthetics

  • Videos

    Highly Developed Abs

  • Laws of Aesthetics Trailer

  • High Definition Biceps

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    1-on-1 Experience With
    Eugene Trufkin

    Failed Weight and Health Management

    The consultations I offer are for those who have repeatedly failed to lose weight and achieve their dream body and health.

    Multiple Specialist Visits

    Patients I see frequently visit medical doctors, personal trainers, registered dieticians or nutritionists. Despite this, they still continue to have weight challenges and health issues.

    Individual and Tailored Approach

    Consultations are typically 2-3 hours in length and custom tailored to the individual. You are the only patient booked. The entire consultation is a one-on-one experience with Eugene Trufkin.

    Trufkin Athletics Program Transformations

    Kyle Sachi:

    "After perusing an infinite number of advertisements for personal training, I have selected Eugene as my trainer for many reasons. He is a highly qualified trainer possessing numerous certifications in the field of exercise science. In terms of pricing, he charges a fraction of what professional trainers charge, offering the same type of service, thus, making it affordable even for the budget conscious. Also, the facility he trains in is reserved for private personal training use, so you won't be surrounded by many people waiting to use the equipment. "

    John Kim

    "Whatever goals you set to achieve, Eugene will customize a regimen and or nutrition program to ensure your success. Before you commence your program, he will take measurements, so he can track your progress periodically. He will even take before/after photos to serve as a motivating tool. As the previous reviews stated, Eugene, having a background in psychology, is a great motivator. There are times throughout the workout when I thought I couldn't push through, but through his positive thinking and encouragement, I manage to complete the last rep."

    John Jacobs

    "I divide my time between the East and West Coasts, I'm in my 60's and recently started working out following a midlife health crisis. I met Eugene in May 2010. I was impressed with his knowledge, focus on correct form and building core strength. His engagement was incredible, very professional yet personable. He was able to accommodate my health issues into the workouts he created for me and kept me motivated and upbeat. Fitness is his passion and it comes through in everything he brings to his clients. And, the facility allows you to focus on the workout without distraction. I know that fitness is a journey and I have a long way to go. But I'm making real progress, Eugene is my trainer when I'm in California and I can tell you that this guy is the real deal! When I settle in California permanently he will become my only trainer! He's that good!"

    -John Jacobs

    Brandon Lee

    "Yes, I’ve lost a total of 100lbs training with Eugene–but it goes far beyond that. He has completely transformed my quality of life in general. I used live an average lifestyle. I would go to work, come home late at night to play videos games and eat fast food, and drink my weekends away at bars and clubs. On vacation, I would do something lame, like hit up a few parties. I’ve dropped that lifestyle completely. I spend my vacations traveling overseas and hiking exotic mountains. On the weekend I love to go hiking or do other outdoor activities. I haven’t been to a bar or club in years. I work out three or four times a week, if not more. I’ve completely stopped eating fast food, and my blood work results have never looked better."

    -Brandon Lee

    "I was referred to Eugene through a colleague. I've been training with him for 6 months now. Not only does he provide some of the best personal training around, his prices are fraction of his competitors'. Eugene can get you to any type of body goal, whether it's just to lose a little bit of weight or really build a lot of muscle." 

    Mike Reyes

    Between the celebrity trainers, the master trainers and the trendy-adjective trainers, the fitness world is awash with hollow promises from so-called experts. Their so-called training mastery usually amounts to little more than putting all their clients through the same program, typically following a flavor-of-the-week exercise routine lifted directly from fitness magazines. How much do they actually know about the finer points of training, health and fitness? Your guess is as good as mine. In contrast, Eugene Trufkin crafts personalized, well-thought-out training programs to give his clients guaranteed results. He doesn’t need to rely on nonsense catchphrases, claim celebrity trainer status, or try to talk you into things in order to impress. Eugene is his own best advertisement: he’s in phenomenal physical condition and is constantly driven to add to his already impressive knowledge of fitness and training. He has 100% commitment and enthusiasm when it comes to his clients and their training progress. Eugene is the gold standard of trainers and one of the rare individuals I would trust personally. Building a fit, powerful physique is like building a beautiful house—you can’t just plow in without a blueprint. You need a plan and someone to help you execute it. Master Celebrity Trainer Guy can hook you up with an assembly-line plastic shed, but if you hope to build your dream home, you need Eugene. 

    - Mike Reyes

    "He has many certifications and a long history in athletics, along with a background in psychology. This gives him the expertise in both the mental and physical aspects of personal training. During some training sessions, when I said "I can't do that", Eugene's motivation helped me pull through." 

    Jason Hol

    David De Lorenzo

    Ron Norlin

    "I've been training with Eugene for almost 4 months now, and I have to say it's been a awesome. This is not a "relax, work out at your own pace" type of a trainer. This is someone who knows what he is talking about and pushes you to reach your goals."

    Tom Lakin

    "The truth about fitness is that you have to want & work for it. If you do, this is the trainer for you. That being said, I absolutely enjoy working out with him. He has so much experience in the personal fitness field it's dizzying, pushes you to your personal limit, and overall has gotten me into great in less than 3 months. "

    Kevin Conroy

    "There's not many places that I'd set aside time for to write a review, but Trufkin Athletics truly deserves a try. Not only is he one of the best personal trainers I've ever known, he is down right a super solid guy. I have no problem trusting him in ANYTHING he says. If I remember correctly, he holds a B.S. in Psychology so not only does he know the body and how to get the body to do what you want, but he can get you to do it as well. "

    "Also opt to do progression picture then you can see how your body progresses, this way it will give him a visual assessment when he makes out the training program."

    Anand Ahuja

    "After the first day of assessment, I decided to try his training program. He gave the complete program along with the diet plan. I followed it completely and immediately saw results within the first week and weeks after. As the writing of the review, I am on the 4th week, and my midsection dropped 2.5" and body fat decreased by 2.5%. He is a very good trainer and will push you beyond your limit. So if you are serious about your training, then he is the one to go to.

    "Having been involved in sports and fitness my entire life I thought I had a strong understanding of how to train and achieve my fitness goals. After training with Eugene, I quickly learned that I have a lot to learn. I came to him with specific goals and given my crazy work schedule I told him a fixed schedule would be difficult to follow. My goal was to drop weight as I was transitioning from a weight training regiment to one that is tailored for triathlons. During our first consultation, we reviewed my diet and training history, work schedule, sleep schedule etc. Shortly after, Eugene presented me with a day to day diet and work out program completely customized for my lifestyle. I achieved results quickly. He is incredibly detail oriented in the gym and follows up with you outside of the gym to see how your doing with all the other aspects of the training program. I have never worked with a trainer that was able to help me inside and outside of the gym as effectively."

    Rick Miller

    Charlie Bonomo

    Paul Ngo

    "Overall, Eugene has a wealth of knowledge in training, and various sports. He is fun to work out with. Not only is Eugene a great trainer, he is a friend."

    Chuck Rabina

    Kevin Davis

    "Eugene is an excellent trainer! He is very professional and fully certified. Eugene not only gives you an exercise routine that matches your goals and needs, but he also makes a meal plan based on the meals you usually cook at home! This made it so much easier to maintain a healthy diet without having to completely change your usual meal plan. He is also knowledgeable in a variety of exercise routines so that each workout is never repetitive or boring. One of my favorite things about Eugene's session is that he gave me "homework". Every time I came back for a session I was expected to master a certain exercise. This was a great way to motivate me and make sure I was on top of my game! I recommend Eugene to anyone who is looking to get into great shape the right way!"

    Ed Mckinney

    "Eugene's drive, determination, and dedication are unparallel in comparison with other trainers. Training with someone with such strong characteristics as these makes it nearly impossible not to see results, as he pushes your physical and mental barrier to get the most out of your training session. He also has been training for years and has immense knowledge in all different types and forms of training. He's definitely an inspiration to me and will always be my number one trainer!"

    Zai Holder

    "Best trainer EVER. Trains your physique and your mind to keep it up! Never met another trainer like him. My photos of progression are on his website as well as on here for anyone to see. I'm in the best shape of my life and it's because I chose to train with Eugene Trufkin. He is real, he's dedicated, and all around an inspirational human being to be around. Training has turned from a necessary chore to a hobby for me over the past 10 months. Seeing the transformation happen while also learning about what I should / shouldn't eat has made me a believer that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it and in this case the payoff is worth every drop of sweat. You will sweat, you will push your limits and you will grow both physically and mentally stronger with Eugene."

    -Zai Holder

    Stacey Callas

    "The guy is awesome! He'll get you in shape quick and always has a great attitude. He'll customize your workout program to meet whatever your goals are and will support you the whole way through. I recommend him to all my friends."

    Karina Perez

    "After having a short (30 min) training session with Eugene (or what he calls a warm up), I left extremely satisfied. My body felt immensely better after recovery. Of course it's up to oneself to exercise their body; Eugene will assist you every part of the way and come up with a tailored regimen so you can stay active and live healthy. Eugene is a certified & professional trainer. He is truly dedicated to keeping his clients fit. I highly recommend him if you're seeking an active & healthier life."

    Derek Chase

    I went in expecting to make very small changes to my body, but my goal was to get more fit and learn my way around a gym. 6 Months later, I've lost close to 30lbs of body fat, toned my body, and no longer feel intimidated at the big gyms. This is all a result of Eugene's tireless dedication to what he does.He doesn't just give you a few exercises and simple measurements, like you'd expect from most trainers. He helps you set a goal and then develops a custom nutrition and workout plan to reach that goal. Eugene would take my measurements weekly and change up the workout every three weeks to ensure I stayed on track. He does this with a killer attitude, positive motivation, and plenty or Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. I always thought of the gym as a chore and dreaded going, Eugene pushed me to make a better me, and I could never thank him enough.

    -Derek Chase

    "Eugene is simply a fantastic trainer. I have trained with him for over 4 years now and he is extremely knowledgeable, a great motivator, and a stand up guy. He's enthusiastic about his profession and he is particularly good at developing customized workout plans tailored to your specific goals and abilities. I highly recommend him."

    Kendy Xi

    Matthew McKinney: Professional Volleybal Player

    "You won't find anyone more professional and dedicated to getting you where you want to be. On top of that he holds himself to the highest standard outside of the gym as well, always pushing the limits of what's possible, and his body proves it. If your looking for someone you can have upmost respect for as your leader look no farther. He also has a kind and genuine persona so don't be scared! Good guy." 

    2006 - US National Team training

    2007 - Ponce Leones (Puerto Rican Superior League)

    2008 - Aris Thessaloniki (Hellas Greek League) 5th Place

    2008 - Gigantes de Carolina (Puerto Rican Superior League)

    2009 - National Team 1st place Pan American Cup

    2009 - Los Plantaneros de Corozal (PRS League)     

    * Competed in the FIVB Club World VolleyballChamionships   in Doha, Qatar from November 3rd - 8th

    Puerto Rican Superior League 2009-10

    FIVB World Club Volleyball Chamionships 2009 Doha Qatar

    * 2009-10 Puerto Rico Superior League Champions

    2010 - Currently A2 Italy - Quasar Massa

    "Along with his work, Eugene is very active in athletics. It's nice to go to a personal trainer who is in great shape himself. Don't waste your time searching through all the scams, Eugene is the best out there!"

    Ivan T.

    "Anyone that's looking to get in the best shape of their life would be foolish to go anywhere else!" 

    Kyle Petorious

    "I've been training with Eugene for two years now. His prices are, as stated below, a fraction of what all of the other trainers charge for individual training. He keeps track of your success with circumference measurements, makes sure your training programs are always updated, and is really motivating to train with. Also, what I like is that he frequently competes in random athletic events (marathons, hikes, etc.), and always encouraged me to compete in them. Before training with him, I tried the local Boot Camps and Group Trainers, but the quality of training and attention is way better with Eugene."

    Dianna Duke

    "Eugene is a really cool trainer. He is super serious about training, so that helped motivate me a lot. I trained with him when I was a real estate agent and going to college full-time. He thought me how to structure my week in a very organized, specific manner so that I can work-out, have a job, and maintain my grades all at the same time."

    -Diana Duke

    "He trained me and I swear this guy is extremely professional and serious about what he does. If you want to have a buddy to talk to, don't come here....This guy is no joke and will get you into shape in no time. I used to spend $80/hr at LA FITNESS and those guys were lame. This guy will work maximize your potential and minimize the time that you get results."

    Bijan Shahili

    “Eugene is a great trainer. He's helped me lose 20 pounds so far! He plans out your meals and schedule for the week if you need help- very useful. He is professional, expert, and affordable- he doesn't make you purchase sessions you won't use or subscribe to the gym he works with. Overall, Eugene is an excellent personal trainer whom I would recommend to anyone in Orange County.”    

    Mina Yamazaki

    “It took me months to find a trainer who is an expert and really works together in obtaining your fitness goals. Eugene is all and more than you can expect. He is full of knowledge and resources to provide answers to any of your questions. From nutrition plans to dealing with back problems, he works through them all. I STRONGLY recommend him to anyone and everyone!”

    Yang Jingquan

    "I've trained with Eugene for about a year, and think he is the best trainer I've had. He helped me reach my goal of adding muscle and improving my diet with great results, while enjoying the process. As other reviews have stated he is very professional and laser-focused. Highly recommended."

    "I train with Eugene once every few months on top of my cardio that I do on my own. When I meet with him, we work on specific parts like abs, or legs, or shoulders. It's basic routines but he makes them very rigorous and rewarding in his own methods. That's what he does, he takes basic work outs that most people do, and molds them to meet his clients' specific needs. my needs being to tone up, and by doing what I see other people doing at the gym won't help me because I don't get inspiration nor the right techniques from them. Eugene can and does provide that."

    Jon Rust: Business owner

    "I am 65 years old and in the best shape of my life. Before I started training with Eugene, I was overweight, and I couldn’t even do a single push-up.  After two years of training with him, I am up to 33 consecutive push-ups and actively participate in half-marathons. I am no longer over-weight, and my life has taken a positive 180 degree turn."

    -Jon Rust

    "Eugene helped me lose about 15 pounds and tone up while teaching me how to eat healthy. I cut down on my intake of fats and sugars, while working with him on a personalized work out and diet. We would work out about twice per week and on the third day I would do what he tells me at home to strengthen my core and tone up to get ready for the next weeks work out. I've worked with various trainers and this guy definitely is the best and most professional. He takes great care to finish the work out through and does not half-ass it to get onto the next client. Overall great experience. Positive attitude.

    Brian Bice

    "I can't say enough about how excellent Eugene is as a personal trainer. I found him by luck through Craigslist and I worked with him for a total of 8 months. When I came to Eugene, I was 20 pounds heavier, quite out of shape, had low self esteem, and I had just been through a pretty bad breakup in my personal life, so I was not feeling very motivated. Eugene totally changed my life around. He got my diet on the right track and completely transformed my body. At 39, I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my entire life. I am more healthy and fit now than I have ever been, and I owe it all to Eugene. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and really cares about the progress of his clients. He changed up our routine all the time, so it never got boring. He constantly challenged me in new ways, so that I kept progressing. Best of all, he is just really a genuine, sincere person, which is very hard to find. His rates are also extremely reasonable for what you are getting in return. The only complaint I have is that I had to spend so much money on buying all new clothes, because my wardrobe didn't fit anymore after just a couple of months! I have worked with other trainers, and Eugene is really the best. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone, male or female, younger or older, that is looking get in shape, build muscle, learn how to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, and gain confidence and self-esteem. Thank you, Eugene!"

    -Brian Bice

    Eugene is all business. He is organized and determined to help you reach your goals, which is demonstrated by the ever-changing program he provides you, progression photos he takes on a monthly basis, and continuous checking-in to make sure you are eating right and taking your supplements. There is no chit-chat and he will ignore your complaints, but I am always entertained when he says things like "start the next set. no more of this slow-motion walking." I find it hilarious. Eugene is very knowledgeable; he's studied everything so he knows his stuff and is passionate about providing you with that same knowledge. His rates are a steal so you should sign-up now! I am one happy client." 

    Jordan Yordanov

    I cannot overestimate the influence that training with Eugene has had on my life. He is not only a personal trainer. He's a motivator, a leader, an advisor, and a friend. He takes a personal interest in all of his clients. For Eugene, personal training is a passion. He genuinely cares about helping people achieve their goals, whether they are physical, psychological, or professional, and he always goes the extra mile. Yes, Eugene whipped my ass into shape. But that was just the start. Knowing him has proved a pivotal moment in my life. He taught me to stop living my fears – and to start fearlessly pursuing my dreams. I used to work a mindless 9-to-5 job that I hated. I couldn’t sleep at nights and the quality of my entire life slowly but consistently deteriorated. I was so afraid of letting go. I kept telling myself to be thankful for what I had, to stop being "greedy". But with Eugene, I learned that you should never settle for less than exactly who you want to be in life. It may sound silly to say that lifting a few weights can change your life. It's not. Fitness has completely altered my life for the better. Now, I've left my mindless job behind and created a new life for myself. I put everything behind me and set out to travel the world. I love my new life. I am living my dream – every single day. Thank you, Eugene. I couldn't have done it without you.

    -Kelly Burner

    "I was very wary when looking into finding a trainer and I couldn't/can't believe how lucky I got in finding Eugene. The first thing I noticed was how professional he was. He is punctual, polite, and ready to work. He's not there to be your friend in the typical sense - joke around, talk about tv shows, etc. He is your friend in the sense that he wants you to be better and accomplish your goals. I really like how organized he is. He's very precise and clear about what we're doing. He's up to date on the latest research and if by chance he's unsure, he looks it up and follows up with an e-mail. I can't stress enough how professional and organized he is. As a competitive athlete, Eugene has really helped me get to the next level of my physical and mental fitness."


    "I had Eugene as my personal trainer for about a year and a half. His knowledge, support, and confidence in getting the results I wanted was unparalleled to any other workout routine, program or individual I have ever tried before. He not only helped to transform my physical appearance but also my way of thinking mentally. He definitely knows his stuff. If you want the results you've been waiting for, Eugene will help you get there. Had I not moved to another city, I would still have him as my personal trainer today. But I firmly believe he has given me the knowledge and tools to continue my healthy lifestyle in keeping fit and feeling great!!!"

    Sgt. Lenny Ray

    "I used Eugene’s 3 day a week general conditioning program during my third deployment in Iraq.  The program concentrated on a lot of core and hip exercises and also a lot of cardio in a circuit type manner.  Everything was fast and back to back, so it didn’t require a lot of time to finish. In between field operations, I was able to follow the program and workout during my entire deployment. The training program is pretty solid, and really helped keep my mind off of a lot of stressful things."

    ​-Sgt. Lenny Ray

    "Hiring Eugene as a personal trainer has been a very smart move in terms of me achieving my personal fitness goals. He is very professional, demanding, encouraging, and is an expert in human physiology. He takes great interests in each of his clients and pushes us to reach our personal best. I'm very satisfy with the excellent personal training that Eugene provides."

    Howard Che

    "Five stars does not do Eugene Trufkin justice! Eugene is seriously as good as it gets! There is no question that he has a maximal understanding of fitness and is more than inapt to get you to your fitness goals. He is dedicated to his clients and will push you to stay motivated and positive. At such a young age, Eugene has accomplished a lot and has made fitness his lifestyle. He has all the right tools to not only get you into shape but to achieve a lifestyle that ensures being healthy and positive. His workouts and meal plans are constantly evolving based upon your progress, which is amazing and definitely not something you get with all trainers. He is professional and very well organized. He is also willing to work around a busy schedule which is ideal in this day and age. Total A+! If you happen to be in the OC area and looking for a trainer, Eugene is your man."

    Charles Pham 

    "I can't recommend his services enough. His motto is to lead by example. Take a look at what he's been able to achieve with his own personal fitness, I think that speaks for itself. Eugene is capable of training individuals to reach their goals no matter what those goals are. Case in point, my run/bike/swim performance is the best its ever been. I owe a lot of that to Eugene's calculated and methodical approach to training."

    Jon Smith

    "He's not part of the crappy dooshbag/meatball "fitness trainers" that you can get at 24hour, UFC gyms and other private trainers, but Eugene can give you the one on one attention, the plan to get you moving, the motivation to keep you moving and the tips and tricks to move better and faster, on top of being one of the best guys I've ever gotten a chance to know. 

    Brian Clark

    "There are many places you can get help with training or just to be fit. Trufkin Athletics can help anyone at any stage of fitness. They have friendly staff, one on one care which is essential in reaching your goals. They treat you as if you are the only person they are training, which really makes sense when you are looking for "personal training". I highly recommend this establishment to anyone who just wants to lose that extra 5 pounds to the person who wants a complete make-over. Trufkin Athletics is the place to go!" 

    William Ellis

    "DO NOT hesitate to give Eugene and Trufkin athletics a try, you won't regret it!"

    Special Olympics: San Clemente Power Lifting Team

    "Eugene is by far the BEST personal trainer around, period! I've never been as great as shape as I've been training with Eugene. He takes his time with you, pushes you as hard as you can, and he'll never rush your session (unlike the majority of trainers in the area). He honestly care's about your success and your goals. I've seriously never seen a trainer care about their clients as much as Eugene does. From the customized meal plans (which he tailors and tweaks according to where you're at physically), to the email updates which includes your progression photos.; he is there with you every step of the way. He break's everything down like a science, and will activate muscle's you never even knew existed! Don't even waste your time with other trainers, Eugene is the best, you will not be disappointed!"