21-year Fitness Journey

21-year journey and transformation: Lifetime steroid-free, hormone free and zero medical drugs.

What my medicine cabinet looks like:

1: Working only 2 days a week - remotely. This alone can be a life changer for most - for the better. Zero boss. Zero toxic co-workers. 33% of which are on some type of psychiatric drug!!

Not being around that energy and misery alone can be extremely healing to the soul - even if nothing else changes.

2: Living true to my core values - at all costs. This alone will do more wonders for your health than any nutrition and workout program or definitely any medical drug.

If you get #2 wrong, you’ll always find yourself doing work that sucks, for you, and in the wrong relationships. That’s a recipe for a miserable life.

3: Sleep between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.

4: Well sourced water + food grown biodynamically.

5: 4-5 weight training workouts a week utilizing undulating periodization.

6: 20-30min of daily meditation/midday naps.

7: Lay out in the sun, when possible, a few hours a week. I usually do this on Sunday.

8: have a loving and supporting partner (thankful daily).

  1. NEVER treat symptoms with dangerous, toxic medical drugs. Instead, figure out the behavior that’s leading to the symptoms and change that instead.

  2. Quantum Psychology as presented by Stephen Wolinsky

    11: identify what the norm is doing - and do the complete opposite. Normal today is what mental and physical pathology looks like: obese, addicted to medical drugs, full of misery and disease.

    12: lifetime steroid and hormone-free. Zero peptides, no SARMs and zero performance-enhancing drugs of any kind including TRT and zero medical drugs.

    If you have a rock stuck inside your shoe - take the rock out. Stop keeping the rock there and taking painkillers instead.