A New Mindset And Outlook Toward Working Out In The New Year!

The general idea of this program is that you want to achieve a lean, toned body without having to spend 5-6 days in the gym at 2-3 hours a session. It’s important to realize that it doesn’t make logical sense to want to train like a professional athlete while working a full time job and is actually counterproductive.

What do I mean by counterproductive? Well, it’s pretty simple. You have a full time job, but obviously, you also want to look and feel your best. No one just wants to work all day every day. You look at sports magazines and see amazing looking people all the time. You say to yourself, “Well, it’s obviously very possible to look like that because they’re human and I’m human and we’re all in the same playing field.” This is true, they are human just like you; however, a confounding variable to be weary of is that they don’t have a full time job. Working out is their job and looking after their looks is their full time job. By trying to look like them, you are trying to be a master in two or more fields at the same time (the best at your full time job plus being in the best shape as a full time athlete). Does that seem at all logical to you? Imagine having a full time job and trying to graduate from college in the top 1% when all of your competition doesn’t work and only studies; I’m not saying you’ll do bad, but you definitely won’t be at that top 1%, and you definitely will be stressed out beyond belief. Throw in family and all and you’ll quickly see that you’re in over your head.

However, most people set this impossible goal and obviously fail to achieve it. More importantly, these same people get discouraged and leave fitness altogether because they simply do not realize that they’ve set an impossible goal that was never meant to be achieved from day one.

The type of program design I implement is meant to overcome this type of problem. By implementing this program, you will NOT achieve super shredded abs or achieve Olympic level performance; however, you will look great and be in good shape. Most importantly, the program is realistic, so you will not be overcome by the massive amounts of hours required, and thus, you will be able to build consistency for a much longer period of time; the saying goes that it’s better to run a marathon at a medium pace and finish than to run a marathon at a fast pace and get burned out.

Another way to look at it is in this way. Why do you want to spend ridiculous amounts of hours developing yourself physically – when you could be spending that time developing yourself intellectually? Yes, the body and mind are definitely connected, and a healthy mind needs a healthy body, but you don’t need working out to be a full-time job just to have a healthy body. After all, the only aspect, arguably, that separates humans and other animals is our ability to hold greater quantities of intelligence at greater quality; it doesn’t make any sense spending the majority of your limited time developing something that you’re going to be universally inferior at anyways. For instance, the weakest Ape can defeat the strongest man in a tug of war, and the slowest shark can out swim the fastest swimmer; you should also remember that the animals don’t even train.


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