A Variaty of Strengths

Did you know that there exist many forms of strength? These strengths do not necessarily overlap. Being excessively well developed in one area does not mean you will be equally or even moderately well developed in another. Check out the various types of strengths below. If you find that you are in a severe deficit in any strength category below, work to bring it up to speed in order to be truly well rounded and strong.

Maximal Strength:

Do you have a tough time lifting a heavy load for 1 or 2 reps? Were you never the kid that could bench and squat the most out of your group of friends? If this sounds like you, your maximal strength might be underdeveloped. To turn this negative characteristic into a positive characteristic, do the following: (1) After getting thoroughly warmed up, proceed to your desired 1 rep max. exercise (Do this exercise first). (2) Do not exceed 5 reps when looking to improve your 1 rep max. (There are exceptions). (3) Take 3-4 minutes in between sets. (4) Gain weight.

Explosive Strength:

Do you have a tough time reacting to things very fast? Do you have trouble going from 0 to 100% tension in a short period of time? If you do, your Explosive Strength might be underdeveloped. To correct this problem, you need to implement the following: (1) Perform super-fast movements (safely) as fast as you can. (2) If you use weight resistance, only use 10-20 percent of your 1 rep max. weight.

Strength Endurance:

Do you seem to get warn out and fatigued really, really fast? Does climbing a mountain, doing 150 consecutive pushups, or maybe just running up a small hill seem IMPOSSIBLE to you? If so, you might have underdeveloped Strength Endurance. To correct this problem, follow the following criteria: (1) perform desired exercises (movement that you want to get better at) with the rep range of 50 reps to 100 reps. Or try to perform timed exercises. Set a clock, and do a desired exercise for 2 to 3 minutes straight. Remember though, training Strength Endurance is like Mental Training: you have to keep going even when the muscles feel like they’re on fire!

Good luck,

Eugene @ www.trufkinathletics.com