Admirable ASS-ets: Build the Perfect Ass

Girls as well as guys want a well-shaped, defined, round butt. In this blog post I provide the lowdown on how to build a rounded, well-defined, and aesthetically appealing butt that not only asks to be slapped but commands unmitigated admiration and attention.

Let us get started:

Step 1: If you sit for 8 hours a day or more, or if you have had a leg or foot injury from which you are now completely recovered, you will first need to learn how to fully activate your gluteal muscles and correct various imbalances. If you can’t fully and consciously contract your butt muscles, you will not see noticeable improvement from any training routine, including this one. It’s super important to correct these imbalances and learn proper glute activation BEFORE starting a training routine--not just for safety purposes but because you’ll achieve a better looking behind if you do.

How do you correct glute imbalances?

Answer: Everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. My advice is to seek out an ART Therapist and/or a truly knowledgeable Physical Therapist in your area. They’ll run a complete assessment on you and tell you exactly what is out of balance and how this needs to be fixed. You will not be able to correct imbalances on your own unless you’re extremely knowledgeable about human physiology.

How do you fully activate glute muscles?

 Answer: Now it’s time to learn how to flex the glute to its maximum potential. This seems easy enough; however, studies show that the typical office worker is only able to activate their glute muscle to about 10% of its potential. If you can’t learn to contract that muscle to its full potential, it’s unlikely to develop no matter what routine you’re doing. YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO CONTRACT THE GLUTE MUSCLE TO ITS FULLEST POTENTIAL! 

Step 2: Follow this glute routine:   

More tips:

1.      Glute definition: Following the routine in this blog will definitely help form a shapely ass and give it more volume. However, what’s really going to help keep the cellulite and butt dimples at bay is the amount of body fat you are carrying. No amount of exercise is going to make your butt look more ripped or defined if your body fat percentage stays high. If you’re a woman and you want a really firm, tight butt, ideally, your body fat should be around 10-12%. If you’re a guy, your body fat should be around the 6-7% point. So if your derriere lacks definition and is not looking as firm as you would like, please don’t do MORE glute exercises hoping that will solve the problem. Instead, work on eating better and bringing your body fat down to the number range described above. Low body fat = firmer, more defined glutes.

2.      Athletic advantage: Your butt muscles are massive. In fact, your butt comprises the single largest muscle in your entire body. On top of this, it also powers your movement. The butt muscles are used to propel your body forwards, backwards, up and down, and left to right. If you want to jump higher, a well-developed butt is what’s going to help you do that. If you want to run faster, your butt muscles will help you do that as well. How about fighting better? Hell yes! Watch the explosiveness and takedown speed and power of someone like George Saint Pierre (GSP) of Ultimate Fighting Championship. He definitely has solid technique; however, that technique is reinforced by glutes of steel.

3.      Posture improvement: Most people don’t know that well-developed glutes actually help improve your posture a great deal. If you want strong posture, you have to have balanced, developed, strong, and flexible glute muscles.

4.      Glutes exercises to avoid: These are the least effective exercises for your glutes: 

(A) Stepmill kick backs: There is no way you can overload the strongest and most powerful muscle in your body by simply doing kickbacks. Avoid this exercise and save your time.

(B) Leg Press Machine: Because your hips never go into full extensions while using the Leg Press Machine, you glutes are never stimulated to their max potential. Avoid this exercise when trying to develop the glutes.

(C) Stability Ball Dolphin: This is another exercise that provides sub-maximal glute stimulation. Only do this exercise when extremely bored and just looking to mix things up. Don't rely on this exercise for meaningful results.

Only heavy or explosive movements such as squatting, deadlifting, lunging, hip thrusting, jumping, running, and swinging highly activate the gluteus maximus.