In the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of people ask me about body fat percentage, and how low does body fat have to be to have visible abs, striations in the shoulders and chest, and have a back that looks like a detailed map of the Rocky Mountains. Basically stated, here is how it goes:

20% Body Fat

If you’re at 20% body fat, you have no visible definition and separation between muscle groups.

15% Body Fat

If you’re at 15% body fat, visible separation begins to appear in the chest, shoulders, and back. Six-pack abs don’t show even when flexed.

12% Body Fat

This is where abs begin to show when flexed. Also, much more separation is seen in the chest, shoulders, and back. The face begins to thin out also.

10% Body Fat

Muscles begin to take a fuller appearance. Abs are a lot more visible but still not seen when unflexed. Also, deeper separation is visible in the chest and back. Shoulders begin to take on a lot more definition, especially in the front portion of the shoulder.

7% Body Fat

Abs are clearly seen all the time, even when not flexed. They seem to be permanently flexed at this point. Shoulders start looking pretty crazy and your back definitely looks like a map of the Rocky Mountains.

5% Body Fat

Striations appear throughout the entire body. Veins begin to show everywhere, including your lower abs. If you reach this body fat percentage, you are at the top point 1 percent of the US population, in terms of leanness. You’re crazy and more ripped than Spiderman.