Episode 065 - Pathology of Modern Society - Greg Schmaus

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In Episode 065 of the Eugene Trufkin Radio podcast, Greg Schmaus discusses the pathology of modern society and the impact of social, environmental, and cultural factors on health and well-being.

Schmaus begins by highlighting the fact that modern society is plagued by chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. He emphasizes the need to address underlying root causes of these diseases, rather than simply treating symptoms with medication.

Throughout the episode, Schmaus provides practical tips and advice on how to improve overall health and well-being, including nutrition, physical activity, and stress management. He also emphasizes the importance of social connections and community support in promoting health and happiness.

Schmaus also discusses the impact of environmental factors, such as toxins and pollution, on health, and advocates for sustainable living practices that prioritize the health of both individuals and the planet.

Overall, the episode offers valuable insights and inspiration for individuals who are seeking to take control of their own health and well-being, highlighting the importance of addressing the root causes of chronic diseases.

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