When I began training with Eugene, I was at one of my lowest points in life-I was overweight, I lacked self confidence, I felt ugly, I was stuck at a job that I disliked that demanded long and weekend hours or sitting, typing, sitting some more, and pushing paper around. At that time, I was completely unhappy with the lifestyle I was leading. 

Then one day, while looking at the mirror in self pity, I thought to myself, enough is enough. I decided to make a change. So then I contacted Eugene for a physical “makeover.” First session was brutal-I couldn’t do a push up, pull up, dip, or run without gasping for air 30 seconds into it. I never participated in sports, so exercise was foreign to me. I wanted to give up. But Eugene didn’t give up on me. To ignite motivation in me, Eugene presented me with a challenge: to attain six pack abs, and if the goal is reached, then a reward will follow. 

I accepted the challenge, not because of the incentive, but because I wanted to prove to him that I could do it, and most important, I wanted to prove to myself that this is possible. I wanted to make a “statement.” Getting to accomplish this was a challenge; however, with patience, the drive to succeed, hard work, motivation, and some good beats on my ipod, I succeeded. I dropped almost 30 pounds, shed inches off my waist, and gained some muscle. For the first time in my 35 years of life, I boasted some 6 pack abs at my very first Vegas pool party. 

There I was told that I was the most fit of the group, and I was one of the oldest! My lowest point in life suddenly became the highest. News got around of my transformation, and the amount of attention and praise was unbelievable. I felt like I was Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines! The beast was unleashed!

The transformation was the icing on the cake, but the journey to the 6 pack challenge was the most rewarding. During the challenge, I’ve come to learn a lot more about myself, and have made transformations in other areas of my life as a result. I used to believe that there were limits to what I can accomplish, but I was proven wrong. I now believe that anything is possible, and that there is nothing that I cannot do. I now exude greater self confidence in everything, be it education, fitness, career, or dating.

Recently, I stepped down from a promising career in banking to complete my Masters degree in Counseling. Now, I am one step closer to pursuing my passion of helping others. I’ve also become more fitness oriented. I work out constantly, and continue to eat healthier. From being a sedentary individual, so far, I have completed 6 half marathons (one of which I completed with Eugene). I have become much stronger-I can do almost 80 push ups in a row, I can do dips, and pull-ups with ease. I have done leg presses with 8 plates on both sides. You get the picture. Transforming your life physically is like a ripple effect. Your life is changed in more ways for the better. These physical feats and new perspective in life would not have been possible without the Trufkin Athletics workouts and challenge. So the ultimate lesson that I’ve learned while training with Eugene is that you can have the body you want. Period. My abs is a living testament.