Hacking the Fat Loss Matrix

I want to lose fat, but I don’t know how much damn calories I need on a daily basis to do so. It’s freaking confusing. What should I do?

Don’t sweat it for even 1 second. I have the perfect equation for you, and you’ll be surpised how easy it really is to know EXACTLY how many calories you need on a daily basis to consistently lose 2LBS of fat per week. Now remember, 1lb of bodyfat is almost the size of a half a football. So losing 2 of those guys per week on a consistent basis makes a massive difference in how your body looks.

So how the hell do I figure this out?

It’s super easy, and you simply have to use this equation:

(Lean body mass x 10) x 0.3 + (lean body mass x 10) = MR

MR x .85 = amount of calories you need per day to lose fat


Now, in my opinion nutrition is the most important aspect in regards to fat loss and maximizing your aesthetics. However, to really bring out the best in your results, I would also recommend doing a few cardio sessions a week and a few weight lifting sessions a week.


May the muscle Gods be with you,