Having an adventurous and memorable life arises from having a badass mindset.

             First understand this:

1.    Who you are is what YOU choose to do and think on a consistent basis.

2.    Behavior patterns are divided into two categories:

Category 1: Mental behavior patterns: shit you think about on a day to day basis eventually forms the person you are. Angry thoughts form an angry person. Negative thoughts form a negative person. Confident thoughts form a confident person. You have control over your thoughts; thus, you have control over who you become.

Category 2: Physical behavior patterns: Many people don’t know this, but how you physically move influences your mental state. Moving in a confident way molds a confident mind. Moving in a hesitant way molds a hesitant mind. Fortunately, how you physically act is also in your hands; thus, you still have control over who you become.

                          The equation:

                (What you think about consistently)   


           (What you physically do consistently) 


                            (Who you are)


(Lazy thought patterns) + (Lazy physical actions) = (Lazy person)

(Fearless thought patterns) + (Fearless physical actions) = (Fearless person)

So what’s the small behavioral modification trick? 

                        Watch this video: