In this blog post we’ll be covering what you need to do on Sunday during your Mt. Fury preparation. Once again, here is the outline of the entire routine, covered under the first blog:

MONDAY: Structural Balance/Endurance 1

TUESDAY: Lactic Power Intervals Mixed with Band Work Followed by Ab Circuits

WEDNESDAY: Structural Balance/Strength

THURSDAY: Lactic Power Intervals Mixed with Band Work Followed by Ab Circuits 

FRIDAY: Structural Balance/Endurance 2


SUNDAY: Tempo Hike. Gradually add weight each week. I aim to be just 30-40% shy of the length/duration of the climb around week 6 or so.

The purpose of the Sunday workout is to replicate the brutality of the terrain where you will have to perform, and train on that terrain. Try to replicate the conditions as closely as possible. This allows your body and mind to more accurately anticipate the actual problems and obstacles you’ll encounter during your climb of Mt. Fury.

Ideally, you want to gradually increase the weight of the pack week by week until you match the weight of the pack you’ll be carrying during your actual hike of Mount. Fury. However, with only 7 weeks to get ready, I wanted to jump right in, so this week I packed my bag with about 45lbs. I found the most rugged terrain near my house and set up some exercises there. For this first week, my goal was to cross the path from A to B (pictured below) three times. So basically I would walk from point A to B--that would be 1 set--and then walk back from point B to A, which would be the second set, and so on. My second week goal will be to walk the path four times, the third week five times, etc. Each set takes about 30 minutes or so. I try to walk as fast as possible and really tax my cardio system.