Monday is a structural balance and endurance type of workout. The purpose of this day is basically to ensure that we have a very strong and durable posterior chain and core to help absorb the weight of a heavy backpack and the ups and downs of climbing in the North Cascades. This is an important workout to implement, because without it, your back and core will simply collapse under the pressure of a heavy backpack, your shoulders will round, your lungs will be compressed, your endurance will fail you and you will be in miserable pain.

So what better person to collaborate with in creating this program than a 12 year Army Ranger veteran and 5 time Milky Way Galaxy Champion like Mike Axe? Check out the program and accompanying video we created below. Once again, this should be done every Monday. Don’t rely on just training your cardiovascular engine to get ready for this climb.

Program is seen below. And accompanying video is below that.