Working out with intensity is awesome, but remember that recovery reigns supreme when you want to maximize your athletic potential. The harder you train, the more you should focus on recovery.

There are various ways to maximize your recovery. One of these is proper macro-nutrient (carbs, protein, fat) nutrition and proper timing of those macro-nutrients. Nutrition implementation is highly variable from one individual to the next and even more variable from one activity to the next, so I can’t provide readers with a customized nutrition program.

However, the nutrition program I have listed below is what I personally used to prep for Mt. Fury. I found it ideal for long duration, low-intensity workouts (Sunday hikes), and short duration, high-intensity Tuesday and Thursday workouts.

In terms of supplements and the timing of these supplements, see chart below:

I also got a chance to interview Anthony Almada, a nutritional and exercise biochemist from UC Berkeley. The guy is spot on with his understanding of nutrition and how to successfully apply it to any sport. Checkout the interview below to get a better understanding of how to utilize nutrition and supplements to maximize your mountain-climbing potential.