In Orange County, if you go out to bars and clubs on Saturday and/or Sunday, you’re most likely spending a MINIMUM of $200 bucks. Presuming you go out every weekend, that’s almost $10,000 bucks a YEAR!!!

That could’ve been $10,000 more in your bank account.


If you invested that $10,000 in Tesla in 2011, you would currently have $97,284 dollars pre-tax in your account. That’s almost $100,000 dollars in your account.


That could’ve been $10,000 closer to a down payment on a house.


It takes about $6,500, everything included, to go on an exotic hiking trip in India or China for 2 entire freaking months! You would still have $3,500 left over!!

Instead, that $10,000 is left at the bottom of an overpriced beer bottle and lost among mindless and often times pointless conversations.

Screw the club and bar scene. That scene is for the weak and misguided.

Note: The numbers above are fairly low estimates and don’t account for costs such as buying clothing to go out and other costs of that sort.

$300 a weekend = $14,400/yr

$400 a weekend = $19,200/yr

$500 a weekend = $24,000/yr

David Goggins doesn’t go “clubbing”. He doesn't have time for that. He's too busy being badass.