Unfucking Your Time

Making something simple complicated – that is what modern life has become. But how do you declutter that shit and create more time than you even want? It’s simple, honestly, even if you’re working a 50-hour week.

Let’s start with evaluating the amount of time available in a single week.

One week has 168 hours. That’s a lot of damn hours. Let’s presume you work 50 hours per week and sleep 8 hours a day, seven days a week. Now, you have 62 hours left over. Not as much as 168, but also not that bad.

Let’s say you drive 1 hour a day and errands take about 6 hours a week.

Now we’re left with 55 hours.

I don’t have a life, but most have to socialize and enjoy time with the family. So let’s put down 10 hours a week for socializing, hangout with friends, catching up with family, all that stuff. That takes 10 hours a week.

Now we have 45 hours left.

45 hours a week left over to do whatever is still a lot of time to do whatever. You can start a side business, you can read a lot, hell – you even have enough time to build an amazing-ass body that would make even the guys from the “300” movie jealous. Whatever.

45 hours is a lot of free time.

But we really don’t have 45 hours. Or it doesn’t seem like it. Where did those damn 45 hours go?

Well, let’s look at averages across the board:

The average American spends:

45 minutes per day on Youtube

35 minutes per day on Facebook

25 minutes per day on Instagram

Just right there, you’re spending 1 hour and 45 minutes on social media per day. That’s definitely a lot of time. I mean, that’s enough time to get one solid workout every single day of the week. With that kind of workout intensity and consistency, you could look like a demi-god Spartan beast all year round. No doubt about it.

Let’s subtract 12 hours and 25 minutes per week for all that social media use.

Now we’ve got 32 hours and 27 minutes left over. Man, you would feel so much less rushed during the week if only you had those extra 12 hours that were wasted on social media. But oh well! Moving on.

Let’s ignore emailing (2-4 hours a day on average), text messaging (1-2 hours a day), and a lot of other time-sucking bullshit, and look at another American average: watching TV.

The average American watches 4 hours of television per day. Even I was surprised at this number. I mean 4 hours. That’s a lot of TV watching.

So let’s subtract 28 hours of TV watching from 32 of our remaining hours.

​Now we’re left with a petty and meaningless 4 hours per week. We feel we are always in a rush. We feel like there isn’t enough time.

But is there really not enough time?

Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear what the guys with the Ph.D.s, millionaires, and just other average guys have to say about this very subject.