Warrior Mind Set

Something I've found a long time ago.

"The mind of the warrior is just as important to work out as any muscle of the arm, torso, or leg. Without the cooperation of the warrior’s mind with the body of the warrior, no success is possible. Without proper control over your mind, you can’t reach your full potential.

When discussing the warrior mind and mind-set, it is easy to be distracted by what is going through a fighter’s head during an actual Fight. However, not only is the everyday mind of the warrior more important, but proper training of the mind in everyday situation will lead to control during an actual fight. Although you can train certain muscles of the body only every once in a while, the mind of the warrior can and must be trained consistently every day.

The mind-set of the warrior will eventually determine his destiny as a fighter, and his eventual destiny in life. To control the mind is to control one’s thoughts. When this is done correctly, the warrior is able to control his actions.

Acquiring the ability to quiet the mind and stop it from running wild in emotions like fear and negativity is often one of the toughest tasks for the warrior, but through constant training and practice one can master this. The mind and the body are interrelated. Without a strong mind, a strong warrior is impossible.

Before you do anything in life, you must first make sure that your mind is right or that you are taking the steps to improve your mind in its areas of deficiency. Below is a list of the nine characteristics of the warrior-mind set. You will need all of them in life. Examine each characteristic, and assess your current level in that area. If you are lacking in any of these areas, you must take action to strengthen that aspect of character as much as you would the muscles of your body."

Without the right mind-set, you will eventually fail at everything you set out to accomplish.

1.       VISION

"The warrior has a strong, defined vision of exactly where he wants to go. Until the vision is defined, a person has no destination. What is your vision for yourself and the future?"

2.       COURAGE

"The warrior knows that courage will be essential on his warrior quest. What he must also understand is that courage is not the absence of fear, for that is impossible. Courage is to first start and then continue moving forward toward the vision even through fear exists."


"Without discipline, the warrior can do nothing. Not only must the warrior be prepared to do the things it takes to make his vision a reality, he must also take action. This action, taken every day, is discipline personified."



"A warrior will learn to understand that the only things he can truly control in life are his own thoughts, emotions, and actions. This control over oneself is the challenge that the warrior must face every day. The warrior must accept responsibility for his thoughts and actions if he is ever to reach true warrior status."

5.       PATIENCE

"The warrior knows that any vision worth pursuing is going to take a long time to achieve. There will be many days along the warrior’s path when it may not seem that progress is taking place. The warrior must embrace these days and push forward, knowing that staying the course is the only way to eventually reach the goal."

6.       DESIRE

"If a warrior does not stand for something, he will eventually fall for anything. The warrior must believe strongly in his quest and constantly keep in place reminders of why the vision was important in the first place."


"Not only must the warrior be confident in his day-to-day thoughts and actions, but the warrior must also be firmly resolved that his vision will, in fact, eventually become true. This positive mind-set is an essential tool in the warrior’s arsenal."


"The warrior that achieves the highest vision is the one who has made the most errors along the way. A warrior must recognize that success is built not on success, not on past mistakes, mishaps, and errors. The warrior embraces these errors, moves forward, and makes sure not to make the same mistakes again."


"The warrior knows that the achievement of a vision can be completed only with full and focused commitment. The warrior must remove any distractions and elements from his life that will jeopardize the fulfillment of his goals. Until the warrior has fully committed, the vision is just talk about a dream."